My Fitness Journey – September 12 – 10k Run…DONE!

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First long run (long for me at least) of the week was done yesterday! Easy jog enjoying my surroundings, listening to my audiobook and putting the kilometers in. I want to build up slowly the next 25 days until the half marathon, my body to be able to cope with the distance.

So I have another 6 long runs planned until 7th October that in each one I will add 2k to reach my goal!

Yesterday was all about controlling my pace to be steady and my breathing to be perfect throughout the distance and I am happy because this was a success!

I compared yesterday’s HR to the Cardiff 10K one and the improvement is huge only by controlling my breathing pattern which is great!

Yesterday’s 10K HR

A really beautiful moment captured early in my run when I stopped to take this gorgeous picture…

That gorgeous sunset…

And a little video I created experimenting a little bit with making pictures to a video! I don’t think of it as a success but it’s surely a progress and an educational exercise to provide better content!

See the video here!

Today Bootcamp is the…word!

See you tomorrow!

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