My Fitness Journey – Cardiff 10K race…DONE!

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And yes! My first race is done! I had such an amazing time participating in the Cardiff 10K! It is so beautiful the atmosphere that builds up around the runners and the people along the trail that are supporting every runner. Really beautiful and something that makes you believe a little bit more in humanity!

When I crossed the finish line, the only thing I wanted to do is a fast forward to live the half-marathon experience!

Here is me, really proud with my medal!


I had the honour and priviledge to run alongside a good friend who is way faster than me but he supported me along the way! Cheers mate! See you in the next event!

My message to anyone that has not participated in a race yet is… DO IT!

It is a lifetime experience that everyone MUST taste! I think I am now hooked!

From today I continue my half marathon training because the big event is coming in 5 weeks and I cannot wait!

Follow me in Instagram and follow my fitness path towards the half marathon and not only!

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