Therapy Day 4 – Waking up at 5.30 am

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I have been an extremely lazy person in my early life, I have procrastinated for more than two lifetimes.

Now I am in the opposite path, fully energetic, trying to make up for the…wasted years of my youth and live to my potential. So how do I do this and how do I find the time to have all the activities I want to have in order to be productive, fit and ultimately happy?

Recently I watched a video (and another one) about the benefits of waking up at 5.30 am. Is this the answer to how I can make my day feel and be longer so I can manage to do all I want before I go to sleep? But the most important question is: How do I wake up at 5.30 am every morning and feel well rested and motivated to go through a long day?

So today is the first day of my little experiment of waking up at 5.30 am. My first step is to create a plan for myself, a plan that I can be consistent with longterm and so it can be part of my lifestyle in the long run rather than another experiment that failed.

My plan for Monday to Friday roughly consists of me waking up at 5.30 am, then half an hour later I am either at the gym for my weightlifting routine (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or having an nice yoga session (Tuesday and Thursday) at home. These activities will take approximately one hour. Afterwards I can have a shower and and work for one hour for the development and growth of my personal business.

By this time it is 8 am so I can have my breakfast, get dressed, jump in the car and go to work. I will be at home by 6 pm. My early evenings will consist either from runs (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or a Bootcamp class at the gym (Tuesday and Thursday). These activities will take no more that 1.5 hours.

By 8.30 pm I am home, having dinner and now I will have two options for the next two hours. Either put some more work for my entrepreneurial effort or just rest, watch a movie and spend some time with my partner.

This has been the first day of my little experiment. Everything went according to plan, I managed to wake up, had my gym sessionย , worked an hour or so for my business, went to work and with big surprise I was highly energised in all my activities. When I came home I felt a bit sluggish but it is only the first day. Besides that, I managed to work for an hour more and have some time to relax.

People say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I am fully willing to give this a try and see where it leads me. It is surely challenging to wake up so early but I am assuming that if I go to sleep early and I put in 6 or more hours of sleep I will be fine.

Overall, the first day has been a success, as I did everything I had planned in my normal high intensity and the day actually felt a lot bigger. It is so satisfying to know that you have done so many things for yourself before you even swipe your card at the building of your work.

I will keep you posted about the course of this little experiment, hoping that I can be consistent and turn it to a norm, because I truly see potential in it.

Until next time keep being your best selves and push hard for success and happiness!

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