My Fitness Journey – Reaching a milestone

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Less than a year ago I discovered my path. Today I am celebrating a milestone. Sunday afternoon I went out for a 10K run enjoying the beautiful summer weather in Cardiff.

With temperature at 22 Celsius at 7pm late afternoon, I put my baseball hat on, filled my bottle with water and started my run while listening to Steve Job’s biography audiobook. Nothing better than running and getting into the life and mind of one of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs of our era.

An hour later, I arrived back home, charged with positive energy like every other single time I came back from a run, checked my running application and saw the following screen:

running goal

I must admit these 300k I have run so far, are 300k more than I thought I would ever run in a year’s time, actually in my whole lifetime. For me it is a milestone reached, an accomplishment, a proof of change of lifestyle, of improvement of my body and my mind and a…stride closer to my overly ambitious goal of running 750k in 365 days!

As my partner says, I have come a long way and I am now in a conscious path of self-improvement, of self-motivation that has changed my whole mindset, my whole perspective of what is important and has given me so much energy to be productive, love myself way more than I did and prepare to reach even more milestones, to conquer all my dreams and passions!

So today I am going to celebrate this milestone by joining my Bootcamp Class at my gym so I can strengthen my body and further test my limits! It is so amazing when I keep surprising myself with what I can do and how much I can impove!

Cheer with me until my next milestone and I hope you reach your personal fitness, and not only, milestones yourselves! And please share!

See you soon!

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