My Entrepreneurial Journey – Today is a big day

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In my previous post I mentioned that this whole experience is truly new to me and involves a lot of studying, learning and a lot of action towards creating a strong foundation for my company to succeed in the future.

Although it is Sunday, this has been a day of action for me and my company as I just filed my application for trademarking:

Screenshot 2018-07-22 14.59.27

I am trully happy although this step does not involve the all exciting aspects of entrepreneurship and business like developing products and services, negotiating, selling, promoting, ROI, profit margin etc, is in my humble opinion one of the most important foundation steps. It does not matter if you have a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce website, the principle is the same: You have to be serious about it and take all the necessary steps to make your business, your brand, your passion bulletproof against anything that can come to your way.

Work for me never stops these days but is this really work when you feel so passionate about what you do? It is pure fun to do what I am doing, investing mostly my time and funding my entrepreneurial education any way I can while I am helping my business, my baby, do it’s first steps in this world.

Passion is the only thing that can drive you to success my father said to me so many times and I couldn’t relate to his words so intensely until now.

Action is what will put everything in motion and will materialize your vision and passion to something beautiful.

Determination and consistency is what will go along with passion and action to make you successful, to make you stand out from the crowd, from the competition.

All the above are values my father was preaching to me during my childhood year after year. All the above are quotes that so many great entrepreneurs are writing in their books or saying at their public speeches.

I now realise of what an amazing gift was for me having a father so wise that he planted a mindset and a strategy in my mind so it can lead me to success when and if the time came… And the time is NOW…

I have never felt so strong, energised and confident about anything else that I have done in my life and honestly I never thought I would ever be able to feel so strong. I am a pragmatist and an optimist. I am aware of all the difficulties that may come and I am…not aware of but I am prepared for anything.

Today’s trademarking application is nothing more than a baby step but nothing less than a step closer to my dream coming true…

This weekend though was full of even more action and soon I will unveil my company’s brand name, logo, moto, vision and philosophy. Exciting days are ahead so stay tuned!secret recipe for success

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