My Fitness Journey – Discovering my path. How it all started…

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While as I mentioned at my previous post I have been truly inconsistent with my diet and my fitness activities throughout my life, something changed last August, 11 months ago while I was in Greece visiting my family for my summer holidays and attending two marriages.

I watched some videos and read a bit about the effect nutrition has in our lives, our health and mostly in our everyday energy levels. So I tried to go to a vegeterian/pesceterian/vegan diet lifestyle after my holidays. What I understood from Week 1 is that this was way easier that I thought it would be and I started having a feeling I have more energy, I felt lighter and I didn’t need anymore this “siesta” time after every meal.

This over the next months was translated to better mood and a need to actually channel my extra energy somewhere! So then, from 15th January I started running! My first run was so painful with only 20 mins interval, 1 min running “comfortably” and one min active rest. My body needed 4 days to recover to the shock I put it through. But this meditative feeling I experienced while I was running, this peace of mind and this clarity got me hooked immediately!

I started running 3 times per week in the beggining and then went to 4 times, I was waking up at 6am really eager to go outside to the -2 Celsius some time to run my 5-8k before I had to go to work! This this was a life changer for me as my body started to respond well to running while my mind responded even better as now I felt happier, less stressed and with clear mind when I was going to work! Sometimes in really difficult days I would go for a second small run after work just to clear my mind and to release my negative energy from my body.

After my first runs I created an Instagram page so I can monitor my journey, feel more accountable towards any follower, friend or stranger and keep me motivated under any potential difficult, lazy moments! My yearly goal is set to 750k and I am about to run the Cardiff 10K race in September 2nd as a warm-up for my first ever long distance run, the Cardiff Half Marathon race in October 7th! I am truly excited and I wish this excitement will be motivational for anyone that will follow my story!

With running, I have discovered a fitness path that I truly love and has led me to more fitness activities that I will talk about in the next posts! Follow me along my path to improving my body’s and my mind’s physique…


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