My Entrepreneurial Journey – Finding my vision

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As I mentioned in my previous post the seeds had been planted early 2018. Now it was time for my ambition, my thirst for knowledge, my passion to get better and have a better lifestyle than now, to kick in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love software development and I am passionate about it, I put my 100% into it and I will never stop educating myself and try to improve my development skills. But this is me. I always want to be as best as I can in everything I do.

The huge difference is that it never felt as my destination. I could never see myself 65 years old, writing code before my retirement as so many people happily do. I always had managerial aspirations, being really confident about my skills and my potential to be really successful on that.

After the London discussion I had a clear vision of my future, I wanted to put my energy and skills and passion to be successful to full use. This gave me a different perspective, a different motivation and I could say a purpose. My energy levels have risen so much since then, I am working 8 hours per day, commuting another 2 and then on top of that I am working towards my business which will be launched way before the end of the year.

This involves a lot of effort and sacrifices and a lot of study as I am walking into new territories but it is all so rewarding as I find that this journey has already improved me as a person, has certainly sharpened my mind and has revealed potential I never thought it was in me!

I will go into the details of what my business will be all about, what steps I have taken and my future steps really soon, so stay tuned…


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