My Fitness Journey – Introduction

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In Daily Therapy I introduced myself but what about my fitness journey?

Well, I have been one of these guys, always into sports (watching them mostly!), in and out of the gym, basketball teams, fitness activities but always lacking consistency and most of the times making poor diet choices.

My all time low point was in April 2013 when while I was playing in a basketball team semi professionaly, in an unlucky moment, I torn my left knee ligament and half blew my meniscus. I practically stayed in bed for two months unable to walk unassisted with a trully low morale, being afraid that all this will put my Master’s adventure to an end before it even started. I am an 181cm tall guy and I reached 98kg of weight and it will be an understatement to say that I felt and looked horrible being so overweight, so unfit and with a crooked knee…

I truly believed at that point that besides my – non existing – basketball career being over, that I will never be able to exercise properly and get to any kind of acceptable fitness level.

Well, I was obviously wrong. And I will explain why and how really soon. Because as a friend told me when I broke my knee…


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