My Entrepreneurial Journey – Introduction

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This journey is my baby. Started only a few months ago in the beginning of 2018.

I was in London, visiting a friendly couple and while walking somewhere around the City of London, he started talking to me about how amazing it would be if we were our own bosses, using modern tools and practices to create our own business, our own brand and what this could mean for our life quality, our lifestyle, the pros and the cons.

At this moment he was not in a good place, dealing with a lot of pressure and with almost no reward financially and otherwise. On the other hand, I had been…happily employed from the company I am currently working but that was it… Having my father as a role model in my life (he had been a businessman all his life),  the soil was fertile and my friend Bill, without him knowing at the time, had just planted the seeds…

After this weekend, I came back home and could not get our discussion out of my head. I started searching for things we had discussed trying to learn more about how I could use the modern e-commerce era to my advantage and to fulfill my newborn entrepreneurial aspirations.

Almost half a year later, I am really into it, putting a lot of work, dedicating a lot of my time and effort and being really close to launch my first entrepreneurial attempt a couple of months from now…

More about this journey that I am so enthousiastic about in the immediate future!


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